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PLEASE I NEED YOUR HELP!!  A project I am currently working on needs funding!!  Please if you have a penny or even just SHARING the link would be amazing!  Please Help!…
Danya's Pokemon Team by Blithegirl by CrazyBunni
Danya's Pokemon Team by Blithegirl
Fixed the Gender signs for the pokemon :D

This is a commission I asked for several years ago by Blithegirl, she is an amazing artiest here on DA and I found this while going through my old email address and I about died!

This is Danya and her six pokemon!

Fang, Kane, Tarin, Shani, Tamaki and Kaida (the names may change after SOOO many years lmao)

A little about Danya than, she can withstand a good amount of pain in her mid twenties because she has been bit, burned and poisoned, cut and everything else you can imagine, because she has always been a little aloof when meeting new pokemon, she would sometimes go up to a pokemon and pick it up scaring it into defending it self.  That is why she has many scars on her arms and most of her body, some are also caused by Fang her houndoom, she raised Fang from his egg and than to his Houndour phase, she named him Fang because he bit her the first time they met but she bared the horrible pain because she thought the egg was a still birth.
Danya is a fighter is loyal and she does NOT take kindly to those who abuse their pokemon.  She has beaten someone so badly they had to go to the hospital for horrible abrasion to the face.  She saved Kane from an abusive trainer who gave him that X scar on his eye which he can barely see out of now.  

I hope you like her.  Again, this was a commission I paid for and it was drawn by the lovely Blithegirl!!!  Check her out!! :D

More details

Fang: Fang is the leader of Danya's team, he is her very first pokemon that she raised from his hatching.  He is very loyal to Danya, always by her side no matter where she goes, even if she goes into the bathroom to shower or just tinkle he would be right at the door until she comes out. 

Kane: Kane just received the second in command even though he didn't join the team until later in Danya's journey, as mentioned before Kane was abused and tortured by his previous trainer as a bait pokemon to train other pokemon.  Danya saw this and not only beaten the trainer in a battle but also in a fist match.  Kane has nightmares to which Danya does her best to calm him down at night by letting him sleep by her side.

Tarin: Is a very serious pokemon, he puts his training above all else, he has both discipline and patience, which makes him a deadly opponent has he waits to strike his enemies down.

Shani: In short, she is the bitch of the group, she does not like her trainer or her teammates but she loves to battle and would do anything to keep that fire lit, even if she has to obey a human.

Tamaki: Tamaki is the baby of the group, he is recently new to the group when Danya found him without his mother on a beach, she took him in and raised him as if he was Fang after his hatching.  Tamaki is very naive and would often bug Tarin during his training and meditation but Tarin is very patient and deals with the pestering little Spheal.

Kaida:  Kaida was given to Danya by her mother Susan, she is the mother of the group and like Fang is very protective of Danya, especially after her own trainer gave her the mission to protect her only daughter.  Kaida will stop any team fights that deal with Shani. Kaida will also keep Kane company if he gets any nightmares as well.

That is the team!! I will add more details later!  
Ren and Hoshi (Avatar) by CrazyBunni
Ren and Hoshi (Avatar)
Okay, backstory!  Since Avatar the Last Airbender has come out, I had a huge story in mind involving a girl who can not bend but have twin brothers that can bend earth.  Now how these cuties come in is that I always wanted her to have a pet and it always came down to a sugar glider, every dang time!  And thanks to :iconfeyrah: my character is going to have two Wyskers as pets/companions.  In the Avatar world Wyskers are hunted and trapped for their pelts.  Of course like any other kitty they can have any pattern or traits of any cat.  I am actually really excited to start writing my story now!  So again!  Thank you :iconfeyrah: :D There little Bios are in the picture as you can see ^_^

I might also do some edits with their fur but so far I like the colors, reminds me of my own kitty ^_^  But I do know I want to make Hoshi a Calico in memory of my kitty Precious :)

Wyskers are a hybrid mix of cat's and sugar gliders. They can have any pattern or traits of any cat :3 And thanks to Feyrah they're also a free to create species! Not closed!  And don't forget to credit her :D

Membership, New Skin and New Name, New everything!

Journal Entry: Mon Jan 28, 2013, 4:31 PM
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Wow, this is the first time I got a subscription to deviantART for almost 3...4 years now? Time goes by doesn't it?  

Well, I am still doing good at my job here in Milwaukee, almost lost my job because of a mistake but I am learning from it and I am doing great!  Still looking for a guy :/...well...sorta haha.  

I am still looking for people to buy my old manga and possibly some movies!  Just look at my previous journal and you will see the information :)  So far, I think I have one happy customer haha.


Got a little big news too!  Coming this spring I am going to be Media Manager for a Singer/Rapper.  So I will be in charge of her music video productions!  I am so excited :D

I also might have found a Freelance Video Editor job so that would be awesome to get if given the chance.

But little by little things keep turning around! :)  Keeping a positive attitude towards life is making me a bit happy inside too! Haha, to those who are still watching this channel, please, continue to support me and wishing me luck :)


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Danya Okey
Artist | Professional | Film & Animation
United States
I am from a small town in Wisconsin and then moved to a bigger town in Wisconsin, and when I had found out how much i love editing videos to music and just plain editing, I decided to go into a career for creativity and vision. So now i am living down in Chicago, IL getting my bachelor for Digital Film and Video, and having a blast!

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